Small group learning Thai (4 - 10 persons per class). Learn Thai by using only Thai language with designated lessons and encourages class participation by all the students. The greatest advantage is in the place where students with different nationality, age, career etc. come to talk and understand Thai language. It also removes apprehension in the use of Thai language outside the class.

With AAA learning Thai system, teachers will make students study Thai and exchange their opinions in Thai according to the lessons. Different backgrounds create different fruitful class discussions and it extends the practice. Students have to express their way of thinking in Thai and only Thai, step-by-step as desired.


Since the needs of each student are difference, some would like to study every day, some would like to study one-on-one etc. Therefore the school organizes the classes into 3 types as follows: 


Group lesson (Full time) 

(Intensive Thai course)

Study every day from Monday-Friday, 3 hours a day, student can choose to study in the morning class or afternoon class, open every month according to the school calendar. 

Group lesson (Part time)

This group is a special arrangement and flexible time for the student who cannot study everyday. The student can choose to study 2-3 times a week. The class can open when 3 students registered. 

Private lesson

The students can set a schedule by themselves. The minimum charge is only 10 hours, after that student can make decisions to continue study or finish. Please make a booking at least 2-4 weeks in advance.