How to extend your stay for non-immigrant ED visa (Student visa) in Bangkok, Thailand? 

Step 1  Bring your passport and departure card (TM 6) to the school

  • Present your passport and departure card before your visa expire 3-4 weeks in advance. 
  • The student have to sign on the copy of passport, student record and fill the form TM7

Step 2  Collect the document at school 

  • You will receive the document for extension about 1 week in advance before expired date.

Step 3  Extend a visa (Temporary stay) at immigration, Bangkok

  • You have to apply for visa extension at Immigration office at Changwattana Road. 
  • The fee is 1,900 Baht each time (Maximum 60 days) at the immigration.

Step 4  Present passport to the school.

  • Please give your passport to school for checking and copying after you finish extending visa.  *(If not, it means you don’t want to extend visa next time).