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AAA Thai language school in Bangkok was approved by the Ministry of Education in 2004. 

Our executives and teachers have experience in teaching Thai to foreigners for more than 30 years.  
Our system is an interactive system which students will be able to communicate with Thai people in a short time.

By enrolling in the AAA Thai Language School, you will study from speaking to reading & writing up to advanced courses as well. 
You would be able to appreciate Thai culture and life style and enjoy your stay in Thailand much more.

“Learning Thai is not as difficult as you might think”


Thai course

AAA Thai Learning Program was designed into 3 steps in order to suit the needs of foreign students.  The steps start from the Basic Speaking Thai courses to Reading & Writing Thai courses up to the Advanced Thai courses.


Classes & Tuition fee

Since the needs of each student are difference, some would like to study every day, some would like to study one-on-one etc.  Therefore the school organizes the classes into 3 types 


ED visa

The school can provide an ED visa (Non-immigrant "ED") for our students from 3 months up to 1 year. The student can apply an ED visa by yourself with our easy step.


Why at AAA?

Efficient method
Our Thai courses are designed to help you understand and communicate in Thai proficiently and it can also be a lot of fun.

Professional teacher
Our executives and teachers have experience in teaching Thai to foreigners for more than 20-30 years and also full-time teachers.

Small group lesson
Group lesson has 4-10 persons each class only that you can practice more and we also the private lesson.

Multicultural environment
You will learn Thai culture and exchange your culture with friends from around the world.

Friendly atmosphere
The atmosphere at AAA is very friendly and welcoming. You will feel confident using Thai and you will speak much as much you can.

Our school has 11 classrooms, wide area, high ceiling, clean and also big desks. Because we believe you learn best when you feel comfortable and happy.

Convenient location
1-2 minute walk from BTS Phaya Thai station - Exit 4 and direct from Suvarnabhumi airport by Airport rail link.

Safety & Good environment
The school is in an education area and the building received an excellence certificated for safety building management from Bangkok Metropolitan Administration.




Get Free Material
When you make a payment
7 days in advance.

Preparation courses 2019 (Thai Competency Test)

Start date: 28 Aug 2019 - 22 Nov 2019


Available on Monday - Friday at 9:00 - 15:00


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