Thai Language Course


Our Thai Learning Program was designed into 3 steps in order to suit the needs of foreign students.
The steps start from the Basic Speaking Thai courses to Reading & Writing Thai courses up to the Advanced Thai courses.

Our Thai language course is provided for the foreigners in order to help them understand Thai and be able to communicate with Thai people.
Of course AAA Thai Language School would like them to stay in Thailand and enjoy themselves.

Moreover AAA Thai Language school hopes to be a bridge of cross cultures between Thailand and international countries.

Beginner Thai course 

Speaking Level 1

Begin with the introduction of phonetics, the students will learn how to pronounce all Thai alphabets sounds correctly and basic vocabularies and structures along with basic conversation which they can use in the daily.

Speaking Level 2

The students will learn more broad situations for daily conversation, and be able to make use of more vocabulary and structures appropriate for the situation.  It will give the students more confidence in speaking Thai.

Speaking Level 3

The student’s vocabulary becomes larger and will be able to make use of more complicated expressions.  
Additional practice will help the students learn faster and be able to speak more fluently.
Some students were given complements by Thais. “You speak Thai as though you are Thai”.


Intermediate Thai Course
+ Plus 1 course for more practice

Reading & Writing Level 1
This level is very important for the students who want to learn Advanced Thai, because it is the basis of Thai Language foundation.  
The students will learn how to read and write, also the rule of tones.  With AAA system, the students will be able to memorize and differentiate all alphabets quickly.

Reading & Writing Level 2
This level continues from Reading&Writing level 1, the students will learn all Thai language special and practice in reading
and writing Thai words, sentences and the short stories which will improve the students ability in writing Thai. 

Reading & Writing Level 3.1
Short stories about Thai life style, Thai customs & culture and some of Thai history will be learned at this level.
The students will gain more knowledge and understanding of Thai social norms.

Reading & Writing Level 3.2+ (Plus conversation+)
After study Basic Reading & Writing for 3 courses, the students will encouraged to speak more by learning on Thai dialogue which includes some Thai idioms and phases. 

Advanced Thai Courses