When you enter Thailand with a non immigrant ED visa

  • Present your ED visa sticker to the immigration-officer.
  • You will be given an Immigration stamp; it allows you to stay for 90 days.


After entering Thailand with ED visa (Non-immigrant “ED”)
get a non immigrant ED visa from the immigration in Bangkok.


  • Present your passport and departure card (TM 6) to the school within 1 week.
    Note: If not, we will unable to get a letter for extension visa from the Ministry of Education

  • Previous visa
    If you ever had “ED visa” or “Working visa”, you must cancel it (Cancellation stamp must be showed in passport).  
    If not, immigration-officer cannot extend your visa.

  • TM 30  is a compulsory House-owner duty.
    House-owners must notify the Immigration when a foreigner stays in their house/apartment.  After they notify TM 30, they will get a receipt. You should request a copy of the receipt.  If the House-owner does not notify TM 30, it might be affected on Visa extension, 90 day notification and Re-entry permit.

  • Your address, telephone number and email.  
    We have to put your address and tel.no. in the Immigration forms. When you change it, please inform us immediately.
    If the school cannot contact you more than 7 days, your visa will be cancelled. 

  • Open bank-account
    If you want to open Bank-account, it should be in the first month of your staying with an ED visa.
    You can open the bank account after getting a non immigrant ED visa with the letter from school.



Immigration Division 1
( Chang Wattana Rd. )