Previous visa
If you ever had “ED visa” or “Working visa”, you must cancel it (Cancellation stamp must be shown in passport).
If not, immigration-officer cannot extend your visa.


Your address and telephone number
We have to put your address and in the Immigration forms. If you change it, please inform us.


Open bank-account
You can open the bank account after getting a non immigrant ED visa with the letter from school.
If you want to open Bank-account, it should be in the first month of your staying with an ED visa.


TM 30 is a compulsory of House-owner duty.
House-owners must notify the Immigration when a foreigner stays in their house/apartment.
After they notify TM 30, they will get a receipt. You should request a copy of the receipt.
If House-owner did not notify TM 30, it might be affected on Visa extension, 90 days notification and Re-entry permit.


Visa Extension, 90 Day Notification, Re-Entry Permit


Visa extension (Get stay permit) every 60 - 90 days.

You will receive the document for extension about 1 week before the expiration date.
Note: Please give your passport to school for checking and copying after you finish extending your visa. 
(If not, it means you don’t want to extend your visa next time).


Notify staying longer than 90 days (TM 47)

Every foreigner who stays longer than 90 days has to notify his/her address every 90 days. 
At the first visa extension, it is automatically notified. You will get a notification receipt from Immigration-officer;
it shows Date of notification next time.
Note: If you forget to notify, you will be fined 2,000 Baht.


Re-entry Permit (When you want to leave / travel outside Thailand?

1. Write the letter of absence at school.

2. Apply a Re-entry permit before leaving Thailand.

*“Re-entry permit” can be made at Immigration Chaengwattana or at the airport or Immigration checkpoint.
1,000 - 1,500 Baht for single-entry (valid on visa expired date).

3. Please bring your passport to school within 1 week after coming back to Thailand. 
If not, the document for visa extension might not finish in time.


- You might be interviewed at the border, airport in Thai.
- If you leave Thailand many times or longer than 2 weeks, you might be denied to enter Thailand.

Immigration Division 1, cheangwattana Rd.