Previous visa
If you ever had “ED visa” or “Working visa”, you must cancel it (Cancellation stamp must be shown in passport).
If not, immigration-officer cannot extend your visa.


Your address and telephone number
We have to put your address and in the Immigration forms. If you change it, please inform us.


TM 30 is a compulsory house owner duty.

Notifications of residence of foreigners for business system

According to section 38 of the 1979 immigration act, “House owners, heads of household, landlords or managers of hotels who accommodate foreign nationals on a temporary basis who stay in the kingdom legally, must notify the local immigration authorities within 24 hours from the time of arrival of the foreign national."

House owners (or landlords) are required to notify Immigration when a foreigner stays in their property. Failure to do so may affect your visa and 90-day notification requirements. It is recommended to request a copy of the TM.30 receipt or a screenshot for your records.


Curently, a copy of TM.30 is required for applying for a visa, a visa extension, and filing a 90-day notification.

*It is recommended to request a copy of the TM.30 receipt or a screenshot for your records. Then we can help you print it out when you pick up the document at school.

*Your address must be within the Bangkok Metropolitan Region, Nonthaburi, Samutprakran, Pratumthani

*You need to update your information when your checkout date expires or if you change your address.



Visa extension (Get stay permit) every 60 - 90 days.

You can receive the document for extension approximately one week before the expiration date.
Note: Please give your passport to school for checking and copying after you finish extending your visa. 



Notify staying longer than 90 days (TM 47)

Every foreigner who stays longer than 90 days must notify their address every 90 days.

At your first visa extension, you will automatically be notified. The notification receipt you receive from the immigration officer will show the date of your next notification.

Note: Failing to notify will result in a 2,000 Baht fine.


For a re-entry permit

Before leaving the country. you must apply for a re-entry permit. 
**You may be denied entry to Thailand. **
1) If you cannot speak Thai.
2) If you leave the country either multiple times or for longer than 2 weeks 
Documents required
  • Passport
  • Application Form (TM.8) (attached photograph (4*6 cm.) that is not less than 6 months old.)
  • A copy of passport page as follow
    Bio data page
    Passport expiration date page
    Edit personal information page (if any)
    Last entry permit stamp
    Extension Stamp to stay in the Kingdom page (if any)
    Departure card (Tm.6) (If have) and 1 copy (if any)
Application fee
  • 1,000-1,500 baht for one time use
  • 3,800 baht for multiple uses
Where to apply 
Immigration Division 1
filed at Passport Control (International Departures) in the Airport on the date of departure from the Kingdom.


Immigration Division 1, cheangwattana Rd.