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Due to COVID-19, a non-immigrant ED visa is unable to apply from the Thai embassy in your country. We recommend you to enter Thailand with a TR visa (60 days) or Exemption visa (45  days). After that you can change / apply for a non-immigrant ED visa at the immigration in Bangkok.

Note: Special tourist visa cannot change to any kind of visa in Thailand.

JAN 2021


Follow these steps to apply an ED visa (student visa) for Thailand.

Applicant qualifications
(*Apply for a non immigrant ED visa at the immigration, Bangkok.) 

1. Foreigner who holds the visa type below.

 1.1) TR (Tourist visa - 60 days), Exemption visa (ผ.30, ผผ.30, ผผ.90)
 1.2) Non-immigrant visa (stayed not longer than 7 months.

Note: STV visa cannot change to any kind of visa. 

2. The student must register at least 35 days before the expiration of stay permit. 

Please contact the school after arrival Thailand or get a TR visa immediately.


STEP 1  -  Send the required document to the school
You can send the required document by email to aaathaischool@gmail.com
Required document.
 1. Application forms 
 2. A copy of Passport 
 3. 12 photos or photo file (.jpeg) 
    Note: Size 2” or 6 x 4 cm., White background. Printing cost 200 B.  
 4. Tuition fee 
 5. *Police check certificated for the Middle East and African people. - Click here

SCHOOL : Your document will be submitted to the Ministry of Education for request the Approval letter.
  • Approval letter from Ministry of Education in Thailand takes about 20 days.
  • Once it’s ready, school will contact you to collect the document. 

STEP 2 - Apply for a Non-immigrant ED visa

Apply at Thai embassy / consular (outside Thailand) *Unavailable for COVID - 19 situation.
Please check the required document to apply for a Non-Immigrant category “ED” at Thai embassy directly.
Ex. Bank statement, Criminal record certificated, Rental agreement and etc.
Normally, the student will receive a single-entry MUST ENTER Thailand within 90 days from the date of issuance.

Apply at The immigration in Bangkok - Cheangwattana Rd. - Division 1 (Counter C1) *New rules since Nov 2020.

1. Go to the immigration, counter C1 15 days before the expiration of stay permit with the following items,
(1) Visa document (2) Passport (3) TM 86 or TM 87 Forms (4) Copy of your passport (5) Fee is 2,000 B. (Cash)

*For family - documents required (Married certificate, Birth certificate)
*You will get the blue receipt with the appointment date stamp.
*Process takes about 15 days to complete.

2. Take a photo at school.
Immigration officer will come to school to take your photo.
*We will call or email you - after Imm. officer make an appointment.- please answer our call.

3. Getting a non-immigrant ED visa stamp
Go to the immigration counter C1, please check the appointment date on the blue receipt.
*The student will receive a single-entry with a stay permit for 90 days.


STEP 3  -  Present your passport to school within 3 days. 

  • Please check – the stamp of immigration is Non-ED and you’re allowed to stay for 90 days.
  • Present passport and departure card (TM 6) to the school after get visa from the immigration.

SCHOOL : School must submit the document in order to request the 2nd letter from the Ministry of Education for extension a stay.



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