at the Thai embassy

At the Thai Embassy / Consulate

(Outside Thailand) 


When to start the visa application process: 

  • You should contact the school to inquire about courses and begin the application process for a student visa at least 2-3 months before traveling to Thailand.


When should I travel to Thailand? 

  • Your visa is valid for entry to Thailand within 90 days of issuance.
    To ensure a smooth transition to your studies, it's recommended to arrive no earlier than 30 days before your classes begin.



Follow these steps to apply an ED visa (student visa) for Thailand.

Step 1  Submit the required document to the school.

by email at (PDF file only).

Required document

1. Application forms 

2. All copies of your passport. 
( Note: all used pages and page-show your photo and number, please sign every pages. )

3. Photo 
( Note: *White background, Digital photo .JPEG )

4. Police check certificated for the Middle East, African people, Chinese, and Etc. Check here


  • Visa application processing takes about 3 weeks. 
  • Once approved, the approval letter and school license will be sent to you by regular mail (airmail) or scanned and emailed to you for e-visas.

School will send an e-mail for confirmation within 1 week after receiving your required documents..
Please do not transfer the money before receiving confirmation from us.


STEP 2  -  Transfer the tuition fee 

School bank account detail:

NAME OF BANK: : Krung Thai Bank Public Company Limited
ACCOUNT NAME : Triple A Thai Language School
ACCOUNT No.: 880-0-10427-4
BRANCH: Wannasorn Tower
TYPE OF ACCOUNT: Saving Account


  • Please send a payment slip to the school by e-mail for confirmation.
  • Recommended:


  • Your document will be submitted to the Ministry of Education by the school to request an Approval Letter.
  • An Approval Letter from the Ministry of Education in Thailand typically takes about 3-4 weeks to process.
  • Once it's ready, the Approval Letter and school license will be mailed to you by post mail (EMS).


STEP 3  -  Apply for a Non-immigrant “ED” at Thai embassy or Thai consular

Student must submit the required documents to the Thai embassy / Thai consular to apply for a non immgrant ED visa. 

School documents 
1. Letter confirming enrollment details from school 
2. Approval letter from the Ministry of Education 
3. School's registration certificate 

Additional personal documents 
- Please check the required document to apply for a Non-Immigrant category “ED”. at Thai embassy.

- Bank statement
- Current residency document 
- Criminal record certificate

  • Normally, the student will receive a single-entry 
  • A single-entry Non-Immigrant Visa MUST ENTER Thailand within 90 days from the date of issuance.


Some nationalities can apply online for E visa (Electronic),
please check more information on this website:

Once your ED visa is approved, you will receive your E-visa (PDF) from the Thai embassy. 

Print it and show it to the immigration officer when you enter Thailand. 

The officer will put a NON-ED stamp valid for 90 days in your passport.


Step 4  Present your passport to the school within 3 days.

  • Please check – the stamp of immigration is Non-ED and you’re allowed to stay for 90 days.
  • Present your passport and departure card (TM 6) to the school within 3 days. If not, you will unable to extend a stay. 
    *In order to request the 2nd letter from MOE for visa extension.